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Superstar Coach Spotlight: Beth Heffernan from Burdick

Name:  Beth Heffernan 

School/Site:  Burdick Elementary, Milwaukee Public Schools

Number of seasons you’ve coached: Five!

Employer/Job:  I am a school psychologist with Milwaukee Public Schools


Why did you decide to be a GOTR coach?:

I decided to be a Girls on the Run coach because I was inspired to help girls become their best selves. My colleague, Meghan Augustine, was already involved with the program and had had a wonderful season, which made me want to participate and contribute. I believe young girls are strong and powerful and capable of great things. I also love encouraging others to strive for greatness and push themselves. 


What’s your favorite GOTR memory?:

I have had many special opportunities to be a running buddy to a student that I developed a special connection with, and also with girls who have faced some serious struggles. Those memories are extremely amazing, especially at that Finish line and the look of joy on their faces. We also had a team early on that was comprised of a lot of young ladies with special needs, or very traumatic backgrounds. The way they found inner strength and confidence was pretty memorable, too! 


Can you tell us about a time you saw the positive effect of the program on a girl?:

It’s been fun to watch some girls who are shy and somewhat reserved, and then they go through the program and blossom! I can think of at least two girls (Hannah and Anna) whose confidence and personality shifted so much with the program and they haven’t lost that positivity to this day. The program really changed them into someone they always wanted to be.


What would you tell someone on the fence about coaching?:

I think coaching is a vital role, especially when it means you can influence a young person to succeed and to train their mind, body and spirit through positive interactions with others. When you realize the benefits for them of accomplishing an otherwise almost insurmountable feat, it’s exciting to be part of that development. The girls never forget the special role that you have in their life. It is so worth it!

Interested in becoming a Girls on the Run Coach? Check out our Volunteer page


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