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Superstar Coach Spotlight: Kristin Muehlenbach

Name:  Kristin Muehlenbach

School/Site:  Silver Spring Intermediate School/Sussex

Number of years you’ve coached: 5 years

Employer/Job:  Hamilton School District/Speech-Language Pathologist


Why did you decide to be a GOTR coach?:

I decided to be a GOTR coach for a variety of reasons.  First, I have a daughter and I wanted her to experience being part of a program that focused on empowering girls to use their strengths and abilities to grow in all aspects of life.  Second, I was in awe of the lessons that are taught in girls on the run.  Each practice focuses on a skill that can be applied throughout one's life.  For example, how to cooperate and compromise with others, learn effective coping strategies to use in a variety of situations that girls can apply easily,  how to let the beauty within them shine, and more. Third, I truly enjoy encouraging, supporting, coaching, and leading others and girls on the run allows me to do that.  


What’s your favorite GOTR memory?:  

It's hard to pick just one in the five years that I have coached because I can give multiple favorites from each practice.  However, there is one that sticks out vividly in my mind.  At one of our practice 5Ks, we had a teammate that preferred to walk. Our team of girls were absolutely AMAZING, they cheered her on every step of the way.  When the rest of the team finished running their practice 5K they joined her and walked beside her and provided support, encouragement, and kept her star power activated by giving her positive mantras; "You got this,"  "You are doing great,"  "Keep going" the entire time.  


Can you tell us about a time you saw the positive effect of the program on a girl?:  

Girls on the run inspires not only the talkative and social girls, but even the most quietest and timid ones.  It gives ALL girls the opportunity to learn more about their strengths and how to use them.   I have the opportunity to work in the school where I coach, so I get to see the girls throughout the week walking in the halls.  I've seen new friendships form and I've seen them use some of the strategies learned in GOTR.    When I see the girls get excited about a lesson or strategy and want to keep practicing, I know the program is making a positive impact on them.


What would you tell someone on the fence about coaching?:  

I would say, "Coaching girls on the run will be one of the best decisions you can every make for not only the opportunity to make an impact on girls lives, but also the positive impact it will have on your own."


Want to learn how you can become a coach or start a GOTR site near you? Check out our Get Involved page!

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